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ZMPIC is a companion application for GrappleApp, allowing you to take profile pictures - or video sequences - and have the background automatically removed before importing your images/sequences - along with your profile information - into the game. This is being developed in parallel with GrappleApp.

FindThoseMines is a 3D version of the classic Minesweeper, with the extra dimension adding a huge increase in challenge. Record times achieved on this app will be published on the server. The UI is currently a bit simple and unimpressive - and we've got some work to do on level design - but we'll polish it up a bit before it's released!

CameraCage is a piece of software that allows multiple Android devices to connect to a server and listen for instructions, effectively providing a means to control a vast number of devices simultaneously in a powerful and coordinated manner. The possibilities are almost limitless here! We'll be demonstrating some interesting stuff on this soon...

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